Vox Pump Mobile Pump Sets

The VOXPUMP Dri-Prime 6” (150mm) DM150MP automatic priming centrifugal pump is clearly the backbone of the temporary portable pumping industry. The DM150MP can be found in a wide variety of applications from dewatering to sewage bypassing.

Mounted on a highway or site trailer, the DM150MP is the most maneuverable and versatile portable pumping system available, making it a favorite of contractors, municipalities, industry and environmental companies across the country.

The engine pump combination is comprissed of a Gorman Rupp Series T – Pump a and diesel air or water cooled engine to suite ranging from 2” to 10” mounted on a single or twin axle trailer dependant upon size.


Voxpump-Mobile-Pump-Sets-Data-Sheet.pdf (128 downloads)
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