Mega Lube makes use of Advanced Technology in the form of a Polarised Polymer
2002 for Ionic Bond Lubrication which is blended into all virgin base oils before
further additive blending.

  • The Polarised Polymer 2002 insures 24 hour protection due to extreme polarisation
    and insuring that the additives perform adequately.
  • Unlike result-replicating products, Mega Lube’s Polarised Polymer 2002 does not
    change any of the metal’s characteristics. It forms a polar metal-protection film which
    protects all the metal parts.

This insures:

  • Less friction
  • Easier cold start-ups
  • Lower running temperatures
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Less oil burning
  • Extended engine life


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Engine-Oil-Catalogue2.pdf (103 downloads)
Gear-Oil-Catalogue1.pdf (110 downloads)
Greases-Catalogue1.pdf (110 downloads)
Industrial-Compressor-Oil-Catalogue1.pdf (102 downloads)
Industrial-Cutting-Oils-Catalogue1.pdf (105 downloads)
Industrial-Gear-Oil-Catalogue1.pdf (98 downloads)
Industrial-Hydraulic-Oil-Catalogue1.pdf (102 downloads)
Industrial-Slideway-Oils-Catalogue1.pdf (105 downloads)
Industrial-Transformer-Oils-Catalogue1.pdf (107 downloads)
Mining-Lubricants-Catalogue1.pdf (105 downloads)
Transmission-Fluid-Catalogue1.pdf (104 downloads)
Universal-Oil-Catalogue.pdf (108 downloads)
Supportive-Products-Catalogue1.pdf (105 downloads)
Megalube-Formal-Approvals1.pdf (103 downloads)
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