IAB Earth Leakage Relays

The Bramco Earth Leakage Relay IAB, has been designed to detect earth fault currents flowing in a power system.

Latching & Non-latching Switch

The IAB can be adjusted between latching or non-latching by the flick of a switch. In the non-latching mode the relay will self reset when the fault clears. In the latch mode the relay can only be reset with a remote reset button wired between terminals 15 &16. The relay will remain in the latched position even if the auxiliary power is removed.

Earth Leakage Relays

  • Earth Leakage Toroids
  • IAB Earth Leakage Lockout Relay
  • IAB Earth Leakage Relay 30 – 500mA
  • IAB Earth Leakage Relay 60 – 1000mA
  • IAB Earth Leakage Relay 100 – 2000mA
  • IAB Earth Leakage Relay 300 – 5000mA
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