ABLOY PROTEC CLIQ locks are always administered and mastered with a software. It allows you to upload audit trails from both locks and keys.

The system is mastered with a special software. Keys and locks can be individually programmed. The programming device transmits information between locks, keys and software. The software stores all relevant system data and is flexible and easy to use.

You can design your masterkeyed system to fit your organization and your premises. High security ‘islands’ of ABLOY PROTEC CLIQ cylinder can be built and mixed with ordinary mechanical ABLOY PROTEC cylinders for other areas.

Secure system:

  • Lost keys can easily be denied
  • Passage rights and time-realted rights can easily be changed
  • Mechanical locking guarantees physical security
  • Electronic key code is unique
  • Code can not be copied due to secure DES encryption (64 bit)
  • Altering code with bi-directional communication

Flexible system:

  • New keys and locks can easily be added to the system
  • Passage rights and validity time are easy to change
  • Audit trails are available from both lock and key
  • Key status (active, stolen. lost) can be changed quickly

Easy system:

  • As easy to install as mechanical products
  • No need for drilling, machining or vising
  • No additional wires or power units needed
  • Easy to plan the system with the masterkeying software
  • Easy to use – just like using a mechanical lock and key

Cost effective system:

  • Inexpensive compared to other electronic solutions
  • Based on mechanical locks
  • Changes can be made at reasonable cost
  • System can be built up gradually
  • No need to rekey the locks if a key is lost, since the lost key can be denied from the system
  • Life cycle is secure and targeted security level can be maintainded
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