Bio-Metric Key Unit
Bio-Metric Key UnitBio-Metric Key Unit

The Biometric Key Unit is yet another “keep it simple” solution that we are introducing into the mining industry. Moveable machinery, conveyor starter panels, sub-stations, blasting boxes and blasting carts, that all require controlled usage, can now be fitted with the Biometric Key Unit.

The Key unit is a stand-alone system which was specifically designed to increase engineering control to eliminate borrowing of keys or cards to allow access to operation of mining equipment.

Product Description

A robust and metallic case design, with the latest fingerprint sensor technology, it ensures fast identification and long durability. It incorporates Ethernet connection for communication with computers and networks in case of programming and data retrieval when needed. Additionally, it provides an audio prompt guide to present fingerprints and Mifare proximity cards both during configuration and normal operations.



Biometric-Key-Unit-2.pdf (170 downloads)


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