ABLOY PROTEC CLIQ cam and cabinet locks and padlocks are used especially in following applications:

  • Medicine cabinets
    Thefts of narcotic drugs in healthcare organizations are an increasing problem. With ABLOY PROTEC CLIQ technology it is easy to control access rights and monitor the opening of medicine cabinets.
  • Showcases
    The security risk associated with giving temporary workers access to showcases can be avoided with the help of time-related opening rights offered by CLIQ technology.
  • Utilities
    Unauthorized use of power or control equipment may result in significant economic loss or even accidents. With help of CLIQ technology, it is possible to prevent this from happening. The individual access rights and key operation time at different locking points can be set, and they can be monitored.
  • Transportation
    It is vital to know who has access to cargo during transportation. In some cases the authorities even require that the transportation must be closely monitored.

ABLOY PROTEC CLIQ door lock cylinders are used especially in following buildings:

  • Shopping malls
  • Technology centers
  • Hospitals
  • Offices, especially in large enterprises
  • Governmental institutions
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